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About (me).

Age: 40 (obviously; hence ridiculous mid life crisis)
Mental Age: Between 6 and 26 depending
Mental State: On the whole – fair to very good, but frequently rises and falls and has been known to be linked to sobriety status
Occupation: Deliberately delinquent
Previous Occupation: Caterer (has a LOT to answer for)
Family: Are completely lush but more of them later
Future Prospects: Very good question
Interests: Eating, drinking, cooking, food, the seaside, life, love, laughter and wine



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  1. I don’t even know what a blog is, but I want to eat all of that, followed by you, you scrumptious little dumpling.

  2. Blimey Greenie, you were never this good at English at school! I’m completely infatuated by your blog, you are the Carrie Bradshaw of the culinary world! My only criticism, you don’t write regularly enough….. GIMME MORE!!!! Love you JVDI x

  3. How brilliant are you!! So great for me to be able to see and read all about our day all over again!! I tried to make the Tagliatelle with wet walnuts brought up by my friend Michele from Dorset but didn’t have Gorgonzola which is a must! Still delicious.

    The book on gardening was also bought at The Petersham on one of their evenings! Signed by the author

    Keep on writing Lucie — we want MORE.

    We must make another date somewhere soon.?

    Greg sends love and me to.. XX

  4. Just read your blog. I think it’s fantastic Lucie – keep it up. Do we know who George is? Sounds a bit dodgy to me. Beware stalkers!!!!

    • Ha ha! Don’t panic George is a girl, and a gorgeous one at that. I don’t tolerate stalkers, I block them!!! Thanks for the comment xxx

  5. Luce, I love it. xxx


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