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The Magdalen Arms

Brilliant. Thank Christ. Finally! Ladies and Gents after years of suffering the mainstream, chainy, below-average culinary desert that, inexplicably, has been Oxford’s food scene for a good long time with few exceptions, there is now somewhere to go for delicious, original, gorgeous tasty cooking and a menu that makes you want to order everything on it. Read the rest of this entry


Dabbous Round Two!

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me, me, me! I got to go to Dabbous again yesterday for my second visit and sample the new menu – its first major change since doors opened in January, and blimey, it was even better. So I won’t go into any history or detail, if you want the background read ‘Woohoo Dabbous!’my original post, but here I will just update you with pictures and descriptions of the new dishes tried yesterday. Read the rest of this entry

Attack, Attack! Dukan Part One.

My 'Dukan friendly' Easter eggs!

So far there have only been a couple of shortish periods in my life when I’ve not been what my sister generously refers to as ‘bountiful’! I’m basically a greedy glutton and that particular gene considerably overrules the few I possess in the vanity department. I like to try to look nice of course, but not as much as I like butter, or potatoes, or crispy fried squid, or seared rib-eye dripping in lustrous béarnaise sauce. Or toast. Or cheese on toast. Or cheese. You get the picture. Read the rest of this entry

Sunshine on the Righteous

Sunshine on the Righteous

Harlyn Bay at Sunset (in March!)

This was Sunday’s sunset. We’d taken a chance on a beach barbecue. Up until lunchtime the weather had been a mizzley whiteout for the previous 2-and-a-half days but I just had a feeling we were going to get lucky. Drumming up enthusiasm from the troops was admittedly tricky, but I am always outraged when I get even a hint of a notion that any of them are taking their fabulous Cornish lives for granted and remind them in no uncertain terms how lucky they are. With that in mind we knocked up a few salads, packed the steak, sausages, and as my sister said, “the effing kitchen sink”, Read the rest of this entry

Skye Gyngell. What a Woman.

Skye's 'Dorset crab, fennel and radicchio' at Petersham Nurseries

It is nothing more than poetic coincidence that today, the day I feel compelled to write this post, is International Women’s Day.

Yesterday I learned, with genuine dismay, that one of my favourite chefs, at one of my all time favourite restaurants, recently decided to leave her position as head chef at Petersham Nurseries Cafe and now, with a heavy heart, I know that those few fabulous times I spent there will never be repeated. It is the end of an era. A short, but exceedingly sweet era. Read the rest of this entry

Woohoo Dabboo! (mega new restaurant: DABBOUS)

Dabbous. Open for business.

This week the incredibly talented chef, Ollie Dabbous, opened his eponymous brand-spanking new restaurant ‘Dabbous‘. Located in Fitzrovia at 39 Whitfield Street, London, a few of us were lucky enough to be guests at his ‘soft opening’ for cocktails Monday evening followed by their first ever lunch service the next day. Things did very nearly go with a bang, or at least a flame, Read the rest of this entry

The Old Butchers in Stow

The Old Butchers

I’ve just spent a lovely few days ambling around Oxfordshire with my wonderful mum and dad who came to stay for the weekend. It’s a pretty rare occurrence with me in the past having frequently been unavailable due to work commitments, and them tied up most of the time with Grandparenting duties – and to be honest I spend most of my available spare time hanging around in their neck of the woods anyway, Cornwall being the most beautiful place in the world and where my heart lives! Read the rest of this entry