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The Last Supper

I think you should know I have had an epiphany!

If I’m totally honest, my earliest memories are of food. Not dolls houses, or bicycles, or sledging down the meadow. Not camping holidays, or the pet spaniel, Tinker. Or of family gathering’s at Grandma Powell’s.

Nope. They’re in fact of the picnic we took sledging (homemade butterfly cakes and soda stream), strawberry jam sandwiches at Grandma’s, and Fox’s Glacier Mints and Fruit Bon Bons in the back of the Ford Escort on the overnight trip to Padstow, then of Wagon Wheels, scampi & chips, and orange yoghurts from the milk float that used to work its way bumpily round the cliff top camping field, tinkling its bell, early on those dewy summer mornings. Read the rest of this entry