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Magical May Day

The magical maypole glimmering in the sunshine

“Summer is acome unto day”

For a lot of people stumbling upon the goings on in Padstow on the first of May, having never witnessed it before, they might find themselves running back to the car park as quickly as possible and getting the hell out of there. For me and my sister however it feels like the most natural thing ever but that’s because of our slightly alternative upbringing. Whilst my friends were packing their bikinis and getting on their Thompson planes to enjoy self-catering with a shared pool in Majorca, the Greenwood family were in Austria walking through the mountains a lá The Von Trapps, Read the rest of this entry


Squid Stew, and the art of eating alone.

Squid Stew, and the art of eating alone.

Rich, tender and sweeeeet! Basque Squid Stew

Some people never get to grips with eating alone in restaurants. Me, I’ve always been perfectly happy on my own; eating alone, drinking alone, you get the picture. When I was 18 I found myself living in Darwin not knowing a soul. I was staying in a youth hostel living off measly packets of dried noodles flavoured with MSG powder – the kind you just pour boiling water on and cost only 5 cents a bag. Pretty soon though I found myself a job as a waitress in The Atrium hotel and a week or so later it was pay-day. Instead of thinking of using that money for a rental deposit, a train ticket out of there, or some other such useful item, I went straight to a little bistro that I’d had my eye on – a small place with a cute, cosy raised area and tables covered in crisp white linen – and bought myself lunch. Lunch for 1. Read the rest of this entry


The 2010 Christmas Cake Village

For those of you who think Christmas rituals are for kids and you grow out of them past your teens, I’ve got news for you. In 2007 the Greenwood / Wickins clan invented a Hum DINGER!

In January that year, on the long drive back to Cornwall following a skiing holiday in France, me, my sister and my most creative and cake-loving nephew Dan, cooked up the Big Cake Plan. Read the rest of this entry

Beaujolais Nouveau and Cavolo Nero

It was on Beaujolais Nouveau day many, many moons (and many, many bottles of Beaujolais) ago that I found myself sitting in a freezing cold bath filled with ice water, in the bathroom of our local cottage hospital. The nearest A&E department must have been too far to go, and as the treatment required was to cool my scorched limbs as quickly as possible that’s where I ended up. I might add that I was dressed as a French floozy at the time, wearing black fishnet stockings and my outfit was a red and black sort of ‘Can-Can’ affair. Not very dignified really. Read the rest of this entry

My bro, John.

Slick Wicks

Slick Wicks, Tricky Wicky, The Legend, my brother-in-law, John Wickins. Read the rest of this entry

The Smell of the Bratt Pan, the Roar of the Chef!

When I was growing up I wanted more than anything to go on the stage. The bug bit me at about 7 years old with my first ever line (in our nativity version of Macbeth?!) “When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lightning or in rain? When the hurlyburly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won! That will be ere the set of sun”

I’m sure the irony of being cast as a witch won’t be lost on my friends!!! Read the rest of this entry