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Haw he haw he haw, Soupe a l’oignon!

French onion soup with melted cheese toasts

It must be at least four years now during which my sister has been nagging me to write her a cook book or at least give her menu plans for the daily slog of feeding her family. It’s not that she’s an unenthusiastic eater, or cook for that matter, in fact as long as she’s not had too much wine Sarah can be very excitable in the kitchen! After that though things can go downhill and usually at a dinner party at their house someone will have to take over the cooking, because following a lovely starter of (if you’re lucky) her delicious crab tart, she’ll have forgotten all about the sautéed potatoes blackening on the aga, and you can kiss goodbye to any hope of the toffee sauce for the sticky pudding – unless a gallant guest steps in you may as well just thank your lucky stars you cleverly had seconds of that tart, give up hope of any further solid sustenance, and join her in dancing round the table as a backing singer, screeching ‘Bat out of Hell’ into a wine bottle microphone. Read the rest of this entry


Say Cheese! :)

Cheesy bacon rosti in the sunshine. Heaven.

So what did you give up for lent? Out of my mates their choices were generally of the culinary variety, however most of them are lazy and cunning and have no intention of depriving themselves whatsoever. For example Mark chose offal. I mean offal for Gods sake! For Jane it was Mars Bars (only Mars Bars, not any other type of confectionary). Ruby decided on chocolate but accidentally had a nutella sandwich for breakfast on Ash Wednesday. My sis went for alcohol, but only on Mondays to Thursdays (not sure that’s quite in the spirit of things – no pun intended) and, DUH, has already failed. I went for sugar, which I did ok at last year, but forgot and ate both jam and an apricot croissant during the first day. I’m back on it now though and fairly determined – I have a mainly savoury tooth so there’s a small chance of success as long as I can get my befuddled brain to remember. Read the rest of this entry

Hanging on to Summer (whilst Dangling over Autumn!)

It’s no good, I am in denial. Apart from a recent spicy dal, it’s still salads and barbies all the way; thank god the Indian summer heat wave is about to begin! Last week I made our friends suffer by not only cooking outside, but also pretty much insisting we ate outside too. Although it was a sort-of-balmy-ish-considering-this-is-England-not-to-mention-a-September-evening, it was already dark before they even arrived. Still we cracked on and started with a beautiful carpaccio of beef… Read the rest of this entry