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Sunset Piccalilli

Sunset Piccalilli

Right then all you piccalilli lovers, my first venture into the world of pickles has been met with rapturous applause! To be honest, while I was making it I felt pretty dubious. The cooking time seemed far too long for crunchy vegetables, and the recipe called for 4 oz of flour which looked like a mountain, but at the first sneaky try this weekend (officially still 2 weeks early) it was totally delicious, wonderfully crisp and tangy. Now I’m new to this; no big fan of mustard, nor a Branston girl, my only real vinegar fest is the occasional foray through a jar of pickled onions with a huge lump of cheddar, preferably Cornish cruncher. And the onions must be Garners, Read the rest of this entry


Christmas Clementine Cake

Moist, orangey yumness!

Despite my new-found and surprisingly successful bread making hobby, I’m not really much of a baker. It’s all a bit precise for me. My sister and nephew can knock up a batch of fairy cakes or a victoria sponge without batting an eyelid. Dan could do it in his sleep. Sarah’s skill is borne of a frequent requirement to fund raise for the gig club and therefore bake huge batches of cupcakes to decorate and sell, and the small matter of being a mum to 4 kids. Dan’s just stems from a ferociously sweet tooth and the fact that he’s resourceful so if he bakes it he can eat it; greed tends to make you a better cook! Read the rest of this entry