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Dabbous Round Two!

Lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky me, me, me! I got to go to Dabbous again yesterday for my second visit and sample the new menu – its first major change since doors opened in January, and blimey, it was even better. So I won’t go into any history or detail, if you want the background read ‘Woohoo Dabbous!’my original post, but here I will just update you with pictures and descriptions of the new dishes tried yesterday. Read the rest of this entry


Woohoo Dabboo! (mega new restaurant: DABBOUS)

Dabbous. Open for business.

This week the incredibly talented chef, Ollie Dabbous, opened his eponymous brand-spanking new restaurant ‘Dabbous‘. Located in Fitzrovia at 39 Whitfield Street, London, a few of us were lucky enough to be guests at his ‘soft opening’ for cocktails Monday evening followed by their first ever lunch service the next day. Things did very nearly go with a bang, or at least a flame, Read the rest of this entry