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We’re Cruising! Dukan Part 2

New season’s asparagus from down the road with ‘Dukan Hollandaise’!

Ok so I’m nearly 5 weeks in now and the attack stage certainly fulfilled all its promises. I weigh over a stone less (actually 17 and a half pounds less) than I did at the start and my work trousers no longer dig in so badly that I lose feeling in my midriff, or get munched up my butt in such a highly embarrassing way. I don’t even have to grimace to get them done up. Read the rest of this entry


Attack, Attack! Dukan Part One.

My 'Dukan friendly' Easter eggs!

So far there have only been a couple of shortish periods in my life when I’ve not been what my sister generously refers to as ‘bountiful’! I’m basically a greedy glutton and that particular gene considerably overrules the few I possess in the vanity department. I like to try to look nice of course, but not as much as I like butter, or potatoes, or crispy fried squid, or seared rib-eye dripping in lustrous béarnaise sauce. Or toast. Or cheese on toast. Or cheese. You get the picture. Read the rest of this entry