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Season Surrender

Finally I found it. My metamorphosing dish, quite rightly containing abundant harvest vegetables. My culinary transition has been a bit like trying to know what on earth to wear these last few weeks. Any girl will tell you the changing seasons are the trickiest to dress for.

I was on my way to a meeting to discuss Olympic menus for hospitality clients at the equestrian in Greenwich, and wait for it, yes girls and (mainly) boys, the beach volleyball in St James’s Park which incidentally, if you google, looks a lot like a teenage fantasy – oh those buttocks! No wonder my 16-year-old nephew and most of his mates are badgering me for a job next summer. I came out of St John’s Wood tube – my old stomping ground near Lords – and found myself completely inappropriately dressed in summer sandals and a flimsy blouse, caught in a howling gale and a terribly depressing grey drizzle. That’s when I stumbled upon my favourite grocer’s in London, Panzers (although I must admit I have never actually done my grocery shopping there!) It was early and they had just completed their flawless fruit and vegetable display that greedy punters hadn’t yet been able to demolish; an uplifting spectacle of thrilling produce, and I couldn’t fail to be heartened, excited and inspired by the bewitching sight of this bounty… Read the rest of this entry