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Magical May Day

The magical maypole glimmering in the sunshine

“Summer is acome unto day”

For a lot of people stumbling upon the goings on in Padstow on the first of May, having never witnessed it before, they might find themselves running back to the car park as quickly as possible and getting the hell out of there. For me and my sister however it feels like the most natural thing ever but that’s because of our slightly alternative upbringing. Whilst my friends were packing their bikinis and getting on their Thompson planes to enjoy self-catering with a shared pool in Majorca, the Greenwood family were in Austria walking through the mountains a lá The Von Trapps, Read the rest of this entry


Sunshine on the Righteous

Sunshine on the Righteous

Harlyn Bay at Sunset (in March!)

This was Sunday’s sunset. We’d taken a chance on a beach barbecue. Up until lunchtime the weather had been a mizzley whiteout for the previous 2-and-a-half days but I just had a feeling we were going to get lucky. Drumming up enthusiasm from the troops was admittedly tricky, but I am always outraged when I get even a hint of a notion that any of them are taking their fabulous Cornish lives for granted and remind them in no uncertain terms how lucky they are. With that in mind we knocked up a few salads, packed the steak, sausages, and as my sister said, “the effing kitchen sink”, Read the rest of this entry

Padstow Christmas Festival. Finally!

My welcome pie created by Sarah (on behalf of Nigella) creamy chicken and peas - yum!

I fell in love with Padstow long before I began falling in love with its lifeguards or with the wonder of teenage Cornish summers spent flitting between beaches in skimpy dresses, flirting shamelessly and shooting tequila in the Harlyn pub even more shamelessly. I can’t put my finger on when, or how, the magic happened, but since my earliest memory there has been a deep and profound connection between me and Cornwall. It doesn’t make sense as I was just a kid but there must have been some kind of poetic chemistry that took place (to quote Don McLean) ‘a long long time ago’. Read the rest of this entry