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Squid Stew, and the art of eating alone.

Squid Stew, and the art of eating alone.

Rich, tender and sweeeeet! Basque Squid Stew

Some people never get to grips with eating alone in restaurants. Me, I’ve always been perfectly happy on my own; eating alone, drinking alone, you get the picture. When I was 18 I found myself living in Darwin not knowing a soul. I was staying in a youth hostel living off measly packets of dried noodles flavoured with MSG powder – the kind you just pour boiling water on and cost only 5 cents a bag. Pretty soon though I found myself a job as a waitress in The Atrium hotel and a week or so later it was pay-day. Instead of thinking of using that money for a rental deposit, a train ticket out of there, or some other such useful item, I went straight to a little bistro that I’d had my eye on – a small place with a cute, cosy raised area and tables covered in crisp white linen – and bought myself lunch. Lunch for 1. Read the rest of this entry


Padstow Christmas Festival. Finally!

My welcome pie created by Sarah (on behalf of Nigella) creamy chicken and peas - yum!

I fell in love with Padstow long before I began falling in love with its lifeguards or with the wonder of teenage Cornish summers spent flitting between beaches in skimpy dresses, flirting shamelessly and shooting tequila in the Harlyn pub even more shamelessly. I can’t put my finger on when, or how, the magic happened, but since my earliest memory there has been a deep and profound connection between me and Cornwall. It doesn’t make sense as I was just a kid but there must have been some kind of poetic chemistry that took place (to quote Don McLean) ‘a long long time ago’. Read the rest of this entry