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We’re Cruising! Dukan Part 2

New season’s asparagus from down the road with ‘Dukan Hollandaise’!

Ok so I’m nearly 5 weeks in now and the attack stage certainly fulfilled all its promises. I weigh over a stone less (actually 17 and a half pounds less) than I did at the start and my work trousers no longer dig in so badly that I lose feeling in my midriff, or get munched up my butt in such a highly embarrassing way. I don’t even have to grimace to get them done up. Read the rest of this entry


For What We Are About To Receive

I am proud to be taking part in Blog Action Day OCT 16 2011

When I signed up to take part in Blog Action Day 2011 I didn’t really give it much thought. To coincide with World Food Day, the topic this year is of course, food.  I thought, cool, easy, that’s what my blog is about anyway. Read the rest of this entry

Excuses excuses…

Octopus carpaccio with marinated potatoes, crispy onions and fried capers;  Grilled cornish mackerel with dressed mixed beets and green olive salsa;  Braised shoulder of lamb, crisp sweetbread, asparagus and jersey royals;  Lower Swell pressed pork, hodge podge crumble, apple sauce and parsley cress;  Slow cooked veal chop, lettuce peas and Read the rest of this entry