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What to do with the pumpkin?

My 1-week-to-go pumpkin carving – room for improvement!

Right. It seems my personal Halloween circumstances have changed in very recent years. Having spent almost all of them since 2000 with my best mate, in either of our London flats, decked out in pyjamas, rooms lit only by flickering tea lights and scary pumpkins, Caribbean Chicken Stew bubbling away on the hob, red wine flowing, and horror movie at the ready, I now find myself living in the middle of the countryside far away from Kate. And to make matters worse this year, it seems I will be alone on Halloween Read the rest of this entry


Halloween! Cackle cackle…

Cadbury's SCREAM Egg

Is anyone else excited about the new and brilliant Cadbury’s Scream Egg? I was in a very silly, childish mood, my feet glued to the floor of the sweetie aisle in front of the Halloween section when I saw them. Not only have they the coolest name, they’ve also got green yolk. GREEN YOLK! What a genius idea. Read the rest of this entry